Slalom 60 Bending Machine

Tauring Slalom Series, this mandrel-less bending machine has the feature of right and left hand bending capabilities for standard tube bending to serpentine bending. There are 6 driving rolls with 2 bending rolls depending on model with up to 50mm tube diameter capacity.

It can also have a tube turner device that allows 3 dimensional shapes to be bent.

Controls: CNC8 touch screen.

CNC-8 is a computerised numerical control system featuring the latest and most sophisticated technology available for bending machines. It can manage up to 8 axis simultaneously, and each axis can be controlled by different speeds, at each step.

The CNC-8 system is designed to create any symetrical or irregular geometric shape containing up to 250 bends.

Programming is made easy by macro instructions that allow the operator to determine, in specific windows, the straight and bent sections of the geometric shape to be made.

During programming, a very practical simulation window helps the operator by displaying, in real time, the workpiece in 3D. The console features an intergrated keyboard designed for industrial use, and a touch screen LCD Monitor is easy to read in any lighting conditions.

Bending machine with 6 driving rolls, characterized by double bending direction for bends and counterbends on the same plane

Equipped with the numerical control CNC8, able to manage up to 8 axis simultaneously and with different speeds, which can be set at each program step.

Technical Specifications Slalom 20
Number of Driven Rolls   6
Shaft working Length mm 55
Roll Diameter mm 117
Shaft Roll Speed rpm 4-25
Motor kW 7
Working Height cm 107
Dimensions cm 185x95x125
Weight Kg 1250

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