Rosmacat Pneumatic Tapping Machines by Cotswold Machinery

Mosquito Electric Tapping Machine

M2 – M14 (M16)

roscamat mosquito electric tapping machine

Mosquito V/H – Orientable Head Member

The Mosquito V/H is supplied with an orientable head, so that tapping can be carried out in 4 different positions. 0°- 90° – 180° – 270°.

Automatic Tool Lubrication (Optional)

Automatic tool lubrication is factory fitted at the time of purchase. The system is electronically controlled to supply cutting oil directly at the point of tapping. The lubrication time is adjusted by means of a control panel on the top cover.

It is recommended to use only Cutting Oil Viscosity 20-40 cSt.

Work Area

Mosquito: Radius 767 mm – Height 396 (516).
Mosquito V/H: Radius 885 mm – Height 396 (516).

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