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Thoman Spiral Bending

Spiral Bending

An Ingenieous Invention for the Production of Newal Handrails

The production of Newal handrails and spiral staircases is created using the spiral mat control device. The radius of the tube to be bent is created by the application of a roller, the bending radius can be determined with ease using a radius measuring device or the bend height. If the bent tube is raised on the output side of the machine during the bending process, this will result in in a tube spiral.

In the past the tube spiral was often raised by the perception and experience of the machine operator. The bending results achieved with this working method often achieved unsatisfactory accuracy. This requires costly rework or reproduction of the spiral tube numerous times over.

The spiral mat puts and end to this. The functionality is as simple as it is brilliant, its operation is child’s play.

The spiral mat has an electronic control unit, as well as an electronic measuring system. The tube rotation, and rolled out length are measured electronically. The system is constantly measuring the tube rotation and feed during bending,. Deviations from the target value are signalled to the operator via a traffic light warning. ( This is a combination of signal lamps in a vertical configuration) Red/Amber/Green/Amber/Red. The precise setting will illuminate the green lamp. No further adjustments are required, If an amber or red lamp lights up then correction is required. Production of the spiral takes place precisely and extremely efficiently. There is no need to stop the machine during the bending process.

Spiral scrap is excluded, every spiral handrail fits perfectly.