Rosmacat Pneumatic Tapping Machines by Cotswold Machinery

Shark Electric Tapping Machine

M2 – M39


Modular System

There are six different speed modules available. These provide the correct speed and torque for each thread size from M3 to M36.

The lubrication time is counted in seconds and adjusted by the control panel.

These are the maximum threads.

it is advisable to reduce the cutting speed to 70% if using modules 40, 75 & 140 in threads that are near to their maximum capacity in hard steel.

For the sizes in brackets the tap shank dimensions should be dressed (ø) and driving square (to fit the tap holders size) or order a special module with the upper type coupling diameter (ø19, ø31, ø48).

The control panel located on the radial arm, used to adjust tapping direction and speed, also the lubrication time. The maximum lubrication time is 1 second and can be reduced by 0.10 second intervals. Also you can control the depth of the tapping .

The photo to the right shows the available lift of 170 mm to allow for more head room .

Work Area

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