RB4 Profile Bending Machine


The RB4 profile bending machine comprises of leading edge CNC control technology with high bending performance. It is manufactured with three individual hydraulically driven rollers and a 15 kW drive. It is suitable for a variety of different bending tasks.The lateral rollers can be adjusted from 436 to 1100 mm.

The RB4 operates with a bending force of up to 38 t, with variable adjustable lateral roller spacing. It is best suited to bending small, medium and heavy profiles precisely and to a high quality.

APPLICATIONS : Metal construction, steel construction, stairway construction, metalwork, machine construction, conveyance engineering, plant construction, pipework construction, façade construction, contract bending companies, utility vehicle construction.

Roller Bending performance 15 kW
Driven Rollers 3
Adjustable speed 0-16 stepless
Power 400 V, 32 A
X-axis stroke 400 mm
Lateral Roller Spacing 436 – 1320 mm adjustable


Shaft Length 300 mm
Shaft Diameter 85 mm
Pressing Force 40 t
Bending direction Away from the machine
Automatic radius control/R-control Optional
Hydraulic support rollers Optional
CNC-Controlled support rollers Optional
Weight 3500-4000 kgs

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