RB3-L Profile Bending Machine


The RB3-L is a compact high performance profile bending machine. It is manufactured with three individual hydraulically driven rollers and a 5.5 kW drive. Very small bending radii can be achieved with just a single pass through the rollers.The lateral rollers can be adjusted from 330 to 600 mm.

The RB3-L is ideal for small to medium profiles which are bent with high quality, precision and efficiency. it can be operated by NC section control or CNC track control.

Roller Bending performance 5.5 kW
Driven Rollers 3
Adjustable speed 0-16 stepless
Power 400 V, 16 A
X-axis stroke 200 mm
Lateral Roller Spacing 330 – 600 mm adjustable

(200 optional)

Shaft Length 200 mm (300 optional)
Shaft Diameter 65 mm
Pressing Force 12 t
Bending Performance Round Tube 90 x 2

Rectangular Section tube 60 x 60 x 4

Bending direction Away from the machine
Mobile machine Optional
Rotate machine Optional
Automatic radius control/R-control Optional
Control Manual, NC, CNC
Weight 800-900 kgs

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