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2 – 3 Machines in One

Universal Bending Machines

The Universal bending machines Multibend 16 & 30  can be set up to bend tubes and profiles via press bending, roller bending or rotation bending. The Multibend 16 is available in two modes, and the Multibend 30 can perform three functions.

1      Pressing, Straightening and Folding

2     Roll Bending with three driven rollers

3    Rotation Bending

All Multibend machines are equipped with hydraulically controlled slid slide, this is precisely guided to accommodate a wide range of tools, for pressing, straightening or folding.

The powerful roller drive serves as a second workstation, this is used to bend profiles and tubes to various radii as part of the roller bending process.

The third workstation is the rotation drive section. Here it is possible to attach bending plates, tube bending tools and special tools.

The MultiBend universal bending machines have the hydraulic cylinder and all the drive components installed below the working table. This allows for maximum accessibility when bending parts.

A MultiBend universal bending machine is an ideal machine for small to medium work places, offering three different machines in one, taking up little work floor space. Low investmant costs and spatial requirements together with high utilisation are some of the advantages of this type of machine.

Applications: Metal construction, steel construction, stairway construction, metalwork, machine construction, conveyance engineering, plant construction, pipework construction, Facade construction, contract bending companies, utility vehicle construction.



MultiBend 16-P 16 tonnes Optional with Fixture
MultiBend 16-PW 16 tonnes Integrated Optional with Fixture
MultiBend 30-P 28 tonnes Optional with Fixture
MultiBend 30-PW 28 tonnes Integrated Optional with Fixture
MultiBend 30-PR 28 tonnes Integrated
MultiBend 30-PWR 28 tonnes Integrated Integrated

Thoman Universal Bending Machines