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2024 First Installation Of Ehrt Machines

Here we have  an installation of an Ehrt Flexpunch 10 station copper punching machine and EB20 copper bending machine complete with edge bending tooling.




Last Installation of 2021

A Ehrt 10 Station FlexPunch Copper Punching Machine

Here’s another Euromac MBX 6 Punching Machine Installation

This one’s installed in our works set up ready to demonstrate punching scribing and roll forming, as you can see we also have the latest Euromac Digibend and off picture we have a Comac Ring rolling machine along with Roscamat Tapping machines



Another Euromac MBX Punching Machine Installation

Another sucessfull installation in the North East of England

Euromac MBX 6 Plus Punching Machine Installation at TFSE Products Ltd

Just installed and commissioned this Euromac MBX Punching Machine with auto index stations, used in the manufacture of stainless steel catering and display units. It has the latest touchscreen software and is extremely operator friendly. The installation was a very snug fit under a mezzanine floor but works well.


A balancing arm used to support a 30 kgs specialist riveting gun for weightless operation, giving freedom of movement and flexibility.

Installation of an Ehrt Flex Punch Compact

The latest installation of an Ehrt Flex Punch copper punching machine, all up and running producing.

Second Installation of a Digibend 400 with the latest Digisoft touchscreen Software

Our first Installation after Lockdown

A new MBX 6 sat next to its twin

A Euromac Multi 220/6R ready for delivery.

Custom painted to Customer specifications



Second Installation of 2020

Another successful installation of an  Ehrt Flex-punch Compact complete with the latest three station multi tools

First Installation of 2020

An Ehrt Flex-punch Compact complete with the latest three punch multi tools

Our latest Digibend 400 with the Digisoft Touchscreen Software

Customer made some stylish modifications when my back was turned

The very first Digibend 400 with the latest Digisoft Touchscreen Software

Horizontal Bending Machine

Veldens’ New EHRT HC 80-37 Professional Punch with Gantry Loading System

Also New EHRT EB 40 Professional E Bender

The very first Euromac STX Flex 12 Punching Machine with the latest chute.

The first Euromac MBX6 – 1250/30 – 2500 Auto Index Punching machine in the U K.

A new instalation of a Tauring Delta 60 CNC-C commissioned in January this year.