MultiBend 30 Universal Bending Machine

The MultiBend 30 is three machines in one, it can press bend, roller bend and rotation bend in a single machine. It has a pressure of 28 tonnes, allowing for a wide range of functions including pressing, folding and straightening. With enough capacity to bend heavy duty profiles. It is optionally possible to equip the MultiBend 30 with a roller drive and rotation drive.

With the rotation device the profile is bent around a bending core. The bending angle is is directly programmable. The bending radius is determined by the bending core.

The drive consists of a heavy duty planetary geared motor which allows the drive to turn endlessly with no end stop limit. This allows a bending angle above 180 degrees to be achieved,

With the powerful roller drive it is possible to bend tubes and profiles efficiently and with high precision with the roller bending process.
precisely and with repeated accuracy. Program generation takes place directly on the machine or on an external PC with the use of the roller bending software.

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