Serie 3000 Model 311

  • Machines compliant to 2006/42/CE standard
  • Bending rolls independently adjustable, for double pre-bending capability on the leading and trailing end of symmetrical profiles
  • 3 driving rolls to guarantee maximum drive on the profile
  • Lateral guide rolls with three-dimensional adjustment
  • Standard bending rolls of alloy steel, heat treated to surface hardness 60 HRC
  • Modular rolls that allow the bending of most profiles
  • Free standing remote control station to control the machine in safety
  • Possibility to install the machine both in vertical and horizontal position
  • Torque limiter installed on top roll shaft
  • One-piece fabricated steel frame
  • Shaft and pinions installed on high dynamic load roller bearings
  • Gears coupled directly on splined shaft
  • Water based environmental friendly paint

Technical Specifications

311 profile

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