Holecut Professional HC 80


EHRT Holecut Professional HC 80 Punching Machine


  • Easy Programming – The punching machine can be optimally linked with the bending machine so that production can be carried out based on a single line production file from a common database.
  • Marking Systems – Inkjet printer, label printer, needle embosser.
  • 6 Tool Stations – Max 36 punches using MultiTool 6in1, plus a cutting tool
  • Thread Forming Stations – Up to 2 thread formers possible.
  • Ejector – Several ejector positions can be set up on the sorting belt

The punching machines of the professional line from EHRT are characterised by their outstanding robustness even under high loads. With the Professional machines a 3-shift system is no problem.
This machine is fitted with three CNC controlled axes, allowing for production parts to made with amazing accuracy. No additional employees are needed to adjust the machine, which saves a significant amount of time. The operator is only responsible for starting the machine, feeding in the material and then removing the production parts. Feeding in the material and removing the production parts can also be automated as much as possible with more options. This makes the machines extremely cost-effective.

Software solutions from EHRT enable a customised and smooth production flow of punching machines.

In addition, the punching machine can be optimally linked with the bending machine so that production can be carried out based on a single production file from a common database.

The PLC machine controller from Beckhoff enables machine maintenance and software updates via remote access.

Specials of the HC 80

With the Professional Line, each tool station is configured by default in such a way that either a Maxi Tool or a MultiTool 6in1 can be used. EHRT’s tool system allows simple and fast tool changes, minimising setup times. When using MultiTools 6in1, the machines can be fitted with 36 (HC 80) punches plus a cutting tool.With the Professional machines, up to 2 SingleTaps (thread formers) can be used.

The HC 80 is fitted with a hydraulic cylinder with a force of 785 kN and 340 kN. The hydraulic cylinder with 340 kN is built into the machine to guarantee faster production. The smaller hydraulic cylinder is used for processes with MultiTools and is significantly faster than the large hydraulic cylinder due to the smaller oil volume. An additional lubricating unit makes it easy to punch aluminium, for example. The HC 80 cutting tool performs cuttings of up to 200 mm with one stroke. With Professional series machines, it is possible to punch material that is 15-260 mm (0.6-10.2“) wide and 3-20 mm (0.1-0.8“) thick.

During processing, the workpieces are clamped laterally by a clamp in order to minimise any damage to the workpiece. Furthermore, thanks to the special clamp, punching can be carried out over the entire workpiece.

The tools are fitted with particularly strong springs which provide high retraction forces. Thus you can operate with small cutting clearances even in thick metal bars.
Afterwards or during production, it is possible to label the workpieces with different systems. This can be used for additional production steps or also for your clients’ specifications

More Options

  • Aluminium lubrication
  • Thread formers
  • Punching of profiles
  • PunchPRO
  • AMZ
  • Gantry
  • Workpiece marking


Holecut Professional Series

professional diagram

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