MultiBend 16 Universal Bending Machine

The MultiBend 16 is two machines in one, it can press bend and roller bend in a single machine. It has a pressure of 16 tonnes, allowing for a wide range of functions including pressing, folding and straightening.

It is constructed with three individually driven rollers, each one is controlled separately.

NC Control PP15

This gives maximum torque is available for each drive. This powerful and strong roller drive guarantees high capacity and perfect bending results. Small bending radii can be produced in just the first pass through the rollers.


Control options include the PP15 programs. Bending programs can be created, edited and saved directly on the machine. Target positions are approached precisely, with repeated accuracy.


The bending capacity and functionality of the MultiBend 16 are perfectly tailored to the requirements of metal processing operations and metalwork organisations.

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