Rosmacat Pneumatic Tapping Machines by Cotswold Machinery

Tiger Electric Tapping Machine


Tiger Electric Tapping Machine


The height can be adjusted to give an extra 130mm clearance.

VH ( Vertical Horizontal)

There is an option to have a vertical/horizontal head assembly, which allows the head to be positioned in four 90° positions. Allowing the operator to tap in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Modular System

There are seven different speed modules available. The seven quick change speed modules provide the speed and torque to match each thred size from M2 – M27 (M33).

Working Area

Roscamat Tiger
Radius: 1020 mm – Height: 535 (660) mm
V/H Radius: 1160 mm – Height: 535 (660) mm.

Tap Chucks

Quick Change Toolholder

A wide choice of tapholders are available, either with or without clutch, as well as other quick change adaptors for different tools, such as drills, sinking tools, threading dies, socket wrenches etc.Tap holders with clutch are used on blind holes so that when the tap reaches the bottom of the hole it slips, to prevent snapping the tap. Tap holders without clutch for holding different tools and for tapping through holes.

Type 1 Ø19 mm: capacity range M2 – M14 (for modules 1050, 750, 550, 300 rpm).

Type 2 Ø31 mm: capacity range M6 – M30 (for modules 170 & 90)

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