Alpha 120 Bending Machine

Tauring Alpha Series of ring rolling machines is the latest design from Tauring which has been proven to be beneficial in its design by allowing asymmetrical bending to be achieved with the bending rolls operating on slide ways rather than the old style pivot hub system.

The Alpha machines are also available with independent tension brace rods for increased performance.

Fully hydraulic bending machine with 3 driving rolls and double independent adjustment.

The geometry of this machine allows bending, not only of large size section bars, but also of small sections with reduced bending radii.

PQ 10 is the latest Tauring electronic interface, designed to meet the management requirements of bending mschines with more than 3 seperat axis. With a touch screen display and Microsoft Windows CE operating system. It is easy and intuitive to use, allowing sequential multi positioning of axis, and is able to carry out the movement of severalm axis continually and in sequence up to the required dimensions. It is possible to set up to 10 dimensions for each axis.

The PQ10 also includes an advanced analysis system for self diagnosis of any failures and/or maintenance operations on the control circuit. Upon request the bending machine can be supplied with a tele-assistance system for prompt service in any part of the world.

Because of its characteristics, this machine is appropriate for medium and heavy steel structural work applications.

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