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Roscamat Mosquito Electronic Tapping Machine

Roscamat Mosquito Electronic Tapping Machine

Roscamat Mosquito Tapping Arm M2 - M14

A self contained tapping machine consisting of a single phase 220V (110V also available) Motor, supported by a heavy duty aluminium cast frame, which can tilt and pivot around its base. Giving a reach of 767mm - 30" and a height of 516mm - 20".The weight is supported by a pneumatic spring which is adjustable, it is manufactured to always keep the tap at a right angle in respect to its working area.

There are several options available:

  • Single speed 300 rpm vertical M2 - M14
  • Single speed 600 rpm vertical M2 - M10
  • Single speed 300 rpm vertical/horizontal M2 - M14
  • Single speed 600 rpm vertical/horizontal M2 - M10
  • Two speed 300/600 rpm vertical M2 - M14
  • Two speed 300/600 rpm vertical/horizontal M2 - M14

The high frequency motor is regulated by means of a variator board located within the framework. The motor turning speed and optional automatic tool lubrication control are adjusted by means of buttons located on the arm. The speed can be reduced to zero giving optimum control of the speed for each relevant thread size. The taps are held in quick change tap holders (chucks) with a choice of clutch or non-clutch options. Various accessories are available: small, medium and large tables, columns, extensions, clamps and magnetic base.

Mosquito V/H - Orientable Head Member

Mosquito V-H Head


The Mosquito V/H is supplied with an orientable head, so that tapping can be carried out in 4 different positions. 0°- 90° - 180° - 270°.



Automatic Tool Lubrication (Optional)

Mosquito Lube


Automatic tool lubrication is factory fitted at the time of purchase. The system is electronically controlled to supply cutting oil directly at the point of tapping. The lubrication time is adjusted by means of a control panel on the top cover.

It is recommended to use only Cutting Oil Viscosity 20-40 cSt.





Work Area

Mosquito: Radius 767 mm - Height 396 (516).

Mosquito V/H: Radius 885 mm - Height 396 (516).


Mosquito Work Area

Technical Specification

High Frequency

Electric Motor


0.55 Kw

Single Phase 220 V AF220301301 300 rpm AF220201 600 rpm AF220101 300/600 rpm
Mosquito Radius 767 mm Max Height 396 mm  
Mosquito V/H Radius 885 mm Max Height 396 mm  



300-M16 * 600-M12 300/600 M16 * *M16 DIN for through holes only  
Capacity Steel 300- M14 600-M10 300/600 M14    

Motor Supply


200-220V 50/60 Hz Power 0.55 Kw Operational Temp Range -10°C - +50°C

Automatic Tool


Optional Use only cutting oil with no solvents Viscosity 20-40 cSt Factory Fitted