SAF DS-50 Simply Rolling Machine

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The Saf range of pyramid style ring rolling machines where all three 40 mm shafts are gear driven and manufactured from hardened and grounded strength steel. These machines are very flexible and are suitable for bending a variety of sections including tube, angles, flats, I beams and special profiles. It consisits of a manual control for the top roll, with a mechanical readout of the top roll position. Comes with a set of standard rolls. Can be positioned in both vertical and horizontal positions.

Optional Equipment

Independant shaft supports

Polyvalent Rolls (POL)


Digital display for the top roll position.

Second speed.

Special rolls for tubes and other non standard profiles. (SP. RT. RO. RQ.)

Double adjustment device for leg-in angle profiles. (AI)

Device for the bending of stair handrails helicoidally (ROS-ROS PLUS)

Device for the calibration and maintenance of constant bending radius. (AI/C)

Device for twisting plate, square and rectangular profiles to realize ornamental welding rod (TOR)

Device for the realisation of ornamental coils withn plate, square and rectangular profiles (ATV)

Technical Data DS 50 Simply
Shaft Maximum Working Length mm 95
Standard Roll Diameter mm 146
Shaft Revolutions per Minute rpm 9
Power kW 1.1
Vertical Working Height cm 83
Horizontal Working Height cm 102
Machine Dimensions cm 62x130x120
Machine Weight kg 345

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