SAF DS120 Rolling Machine

The Saf range of pyramid style ring rolling machines where all three shafts are gear driven and manufactured from hardened and grounded strength steel. These machines are very flexible and are suitable for bending a variety of sections including tube, angles, flats, I beams and special profiles. There are two models available the HP and CN control systems

The HP version has a quote positioner whiche facilitates the setting of passes on the profile to bend directly inserting the bending radius. It comes complete with rolls and tools which are user friendly and allow the possibility to process many different tubes and profiles.

The CN version has a numerical control which enables it to perform variable bending radii without any difficulty. Allowing for the manufacture of round, Mediterranean, pointed or oval arches as well as many other shapes with a continuous join between straight and curved parts.

The machine can work both in the vertical and horizontal positions. It comes ready to work complete with a set of rolls and tools, there are a wide range of accessories available.

DS 120
Maximum Working Shaft length mm 260
Standard Roll Diameter mm 315
Roll Shaft Speed rpm 4
Motor kW 11
Working Height Vertical cm 97
Working Height Horizontal cm 140
Dimensions cm 215x110x179
Weight Kg 2750

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