SAF BS-50 Rolling Machine

The machine can be positioned both vertically or horizontally. This feature means that it can be easily adapted for bending any profile with any bending radius. There are options for short or long shafts, and shaft supports. It is supplied with a set of universal rolls.

The Saf BS 50 is a pyramid style ring rolling machine, two shafts are gear driven and manufactured from hardened and grounded strength steel. This machine can be supplied with a mechanical top roll positioner BS 50M or a hydraulic cylinder and mechanical stop BS 50 HV for the top roll.

The manual version comes complete with rolls and tools that are easy to use and operator friendly. There is a digital readout to help visualise the bending roll positions. The hydraulic version has a electronic quote positioner and mechanical screw lock to give a more accurate and repeatable position.

                                                                 BS 50M - BS 50HV
Maximum Working Shaft length mm 95 95
Standard Roll Diameter mm 137/147 137/147
Roll Shaft Speed rpm 13 13/25
Motor kW 2.2 2.6/3.3
Working Height Vertical cm 93 83
Dimensions cm 82x95x140 118x140x170
Weight Kg 300 364

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