Delta 50 Plus Bending Machine

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Tauring Delta Series of ring rolling machines are pyramid style with the added features of its interchangeable bottom rolls. This gives maximum flexibility with its wide range of accessories available for this machine, these allow for a minimum of deformation while bending.

Controls available: PQI Digital Display, CNC-C NC 2 Axis Control and CNC-i top range CNC touch screen.

Pyramidal bending machine, 3 driving rolls with adjustable center-distance.
The top roll is hydraulically adjustable whereas the lower rolls are adjustable in three different positions.
The adjustable center-distance is very important for the profile bending with different shapes and structures.
For example, the wide position is suitable for the bending of rectangular and square tubular profiles or special profiles for window frames with close section. The wide center-distance position allows using a fairly wide bending radius by making the bending easier and avoiding the collapse.

Delta 50 CNC-i equipped with SP and QR accessories.

The narrow position is suitable for slim and asymmetric profiles. In this case, the deformation is better held in and makes the material feeding easier in every condition thanks to the specific pressure of the bending roll to the material.

The middle center-distance are more used for the round tube bending because it is possible to obtain very small radii without ovalization.

The geometry of this machine allows bending a wide range of profiles, especially in window frames but also in carpentry and in many other productions.

Since 2009 we have a new DELTA 50 version: DELTA 50 PLUS with CNC

Technical Data   Delta 50
Driving Rolls   3
Roll-Shaft Diameter mm 50
Standard Shaft Working Length mm 115
Universal Rolls Diameter mm 175
Lower Shaft Centre Distance (Minimum) mm 205
Lower Shaft Centre Distance (Medium) mm 275
Lower Shaft Centre Distance (Maximum) mm 345
Lower/Top Shaft Centre Distance (Maximum) mm 205
Top Roll Runout mm 100
Shaft Revolutions Per Minute rpm 8
Rolls Rotation Motor Power kW 3
Hydraulic Gearbox Motor Power kW 1.1
Total Power Installed kW 4.1
Hydraulic Cylinder Power (Each) t 9.5
Hydraulic Gearbox Oil Capacity lt 8
Machine Dimensions cm 135x103x148
Machine Approx. Weight (Full oil included) kg 587
Wooden Case Dimensions cm 162x101x162
Case weight only kg 80

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