Tauring Delta Series of ring rolling machines are pyramid style with the added features of its interchangeable bottom rolls. This gives maximum flexibility with its wide range of accessories available for this machine, these allow for a minimum of deformation while bending.

Controls available: PQi Digital Display, CNC-i

Pyramidal bending machine, 3 driving rolls with adjustable center-distance.

Delta 100 equipped with SI accessory.

The top roll is hydraulically adjustable whereas the lower rolls are adjustable in three different positions.

Tilting base to work in horizontal and vertical position.

Technical Data   Delta 100
Drive Shafts   3
Shaft Working Length mm 260
Standard Roll Diameter mm 315
Main Motor power kW 11
Shaft Rotation Speed rpm 5
Working Height Vertical cm  96
Working Height Horizontal cm 140
Machine Dimensions cm 180x185x215
Machine Weight kg 2670

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