Alpha 80 Bending Machine

Tauring Alpha Series of ring rolling machines is the latest design from Tauring which has been proven to be beneficial in its design by allowing asymmetrical bending to be achieved with the bending rolls operating on slide ways rather than the old style pivot hub system.

The Alpha machines are also available with independent tension brace rods for increased performance.

Bending machine with 3 driving rollers and double, independent adjustment.

The upper roller has a fixed housing, whereas the lower rollers slide on straight guides driven by two hydraulic cylinders.

Thanks to its geometry, the machine can bend both medium-size section bars and small-size section bars with reduced bending radiuses.

The machine outfit includes the side straightening rollers which are mechanically operated with a double command. Each straightener can take up all the positions needed to offer an orthogonal correction to the section bar that is being processed (this feature is also specially suited for correcting the corner irons that are bent with external wings).

Due to its characteristics, this machine is ideal for use in medium steel structural work.

The standard equipment includes a set of 3 MULTI-PURPOSE rollers mounted on shafts and whose useful length allows bending a variety of section bars. The components of the rollers can be adjusted along the shaft axis, so as to obtain the ideal configuration for bending a wide range of section bars.

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Technical Specification Alpha 80
Maximum Shaft Working |Length mm 160
Roll Diameter mm 224
Roll Shaft Speed rpm 7.5
Motor kW 5.5
Working Height Verticle cm 92
Working Height Horizontal cm 118
Dimensions cm 96x124x146
Weight Kg 1300

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