Alpha 60 Bending Machine

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Tauring Alpha Series of ring rolling machines is the latest design from Tauring which has been proven to be beneficial in its design by allowing asymmetrical bending to be achieved with the bending rolls operating on slide ways rather than the old style pivot hub system.

The Alpha machines are also available with independent tension brace rods for increased performance.

The new ALPHA 60 is the only bending machine in the world able to achieve in a single pass, with no need of further bending process, a variety of coils of a lot of shapes, with particularly reduced radii and the with the tang counter-bending. The complete electric movement with brushless motor ensures accuracy, repeatability and surprising and unthinkable execution speed and top quality work with significant results of high productivity.

The Alpha 60 is a bending machine belonging to the series of the lower rolls double independent adjustment on straight and convergent slides. This particular geometry has been studied to minimize the roundness of the tube in the bending

The driving axis are managed by single and dedicated engines and, like all the other machine axis, are automatically handled by the renewed computer with Wintau software, that allows the fast and accurate creation of any type of coil, with the complete management of all reference data(diameters, steps, coils, counter-bends)

The machine is equipped with an interpolated numerical control able to perfectly manage the bends development and the value of the strains in relation of the obtained radius is another of the new CNC-i E strengths, which allows the creation of bends with variable radii reaching the highest accuracy and repeatability. The CNC-i E software is intuitive and easy to learn, with a touch screen operating system.

Technical Specifications Alpha 60
Maximum shaft working length mm 60
Roll Diameter mm 150/165
Roll Shaft Speed rpm 32
Motor kW 20
Working Height Horizontal cm 120
Dimensions cm 200x250x120
Weight Kg 1420

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