Alfa 40 Bending Machine

The Tauring range of double independant adjusted bending machines with three driven rolls, very flexible for any kind of work especially for bending tubes round or box section, flat and angle bar as well as normal and special profiles.

The ALFA 40 is available with two versions H2 & CNC-C control systems.

H2 version

Both lower rolls are hydraulically independantly adjusted. The double adjustment allows the bending of tubes and sections at very reduced radii. These machines are perfect for the bending of righthand and left hand coils.

CNC-C version

Machines are equipped with a computerised numerical control allowing the manufacture of regular and irregular bending shapes with direct entry of the bending radii.

The main framework of the machine is manufactured of cast iron, all the important mechanical parts are made from alloy steel, case hardened, tempered and rectified.

Many accessories are available.

short shafts
Double side straighteners
Extra stiffening supports for each drive shaft
Special rolls
Adaptor for creating coils
Tilting base
Calibrating tool to keep bending radii steady
Special leg in straightener

Maximum Working Shaft length mm 95
Shaft diameter mm 40
Universal Roll Diameter Upper Roll diameter mm 137
Universal Roll Diameter Lower Roll diameter mm 147
Roll Shaft Speed rpm 13
Centre distance lower rolls zero run mm 201
Centre distance lower rolls maximum run mm 180
Motor kW 3.75
Working Height Vertical cm 100
Dimensions cm 116x76x128
Weight Kg 400

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