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shark Electronic Machine

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The machine consists on a pendular parallelogram that is balanced by a pneumatic spring, plus a radial arm. The gas spring and the radial arm assembly fix the motor head and keep it perpendicular to the working area. The high frequency electric motor is connected to a variator’s board and control board and is easily operated by a keypad placed on the radial arm to control features like tapping speed, desired quantity of lubrication for each tap or thread depth.

SHARK area

By means of a quick-change system, a set of 6 modules or reducers can be assembled to the motor end. These allow us to adjust the thread torque and speed according the size of hole to be worked.
Aforesaid modules have also incorporated a quick-change system to fit the tapholders with or without safety clutch.

Shark V-H


The Roscamat Shark is available in two versions Vertical & Vertical Horizontal, allowing the head to be rotated in 90 degree positions.

There is an option for Automatic tool lubrication, A cutting oil resevoir is positioned in the radial arm.The oil is dispersed via a flexible hose near the tap.

The lubrication time is counted in seconds and adjusted by the control panel.







Modular System

There are six different speed modules available. These provide the correct speed and torque for each thread size from M3 to M36.

Module Reduction















<90 Kg







40 35 40 340 48 M42 M39 M36 M33 M27
75 18.85 75 185 31 (M33) M30 M27 M27 M22
140 9.7 140 95 31 M27 M24 M22 M22 M16
320 4.5 310 44 19 (M20) M16 M16 M16 M12
500 2.91 480 28 19 M16 M12 M12 M12 M8
900 1.54 900 15 19 M10 M8 M8 M6 M6

These are the maximum threads.

it is advisable to reduce the cutting speed to 70% if using modules 40, 75 & 140 in threads that are near to their maximum capacity in hard steel.

For the sizes in brackets the tap shank dimensions should be dressed (ø) and driving square (to fit the tap holders size) or order a special module with the upper type coupling diameter (ø19, ø31, ø48).

Modulstap chucks

Shark control panel        Shark Lifter

  The control panel located on the radial arm, used to adjust tapping direction and speed, also the lubrication time. The maximum lubrication time is 1 second and can be reduced by 0.10 second intervals. Also you can control the depth of the tapping .


The photo to the right shows the available lift of 170 mm to allow for more head room .


















 Technical Specifications

High Frequency Electric Motor Power 1.5 Kw

Single phase (200-240V or 110V)

50/60 Hz

Minimum Speed



Maximum Speed



Shark Radius 1215 mm Maximum Height 810 mm
Capacity Steel M 36    
Shark V/H Radius 1415 mm Maximum Height 810 mm
Capacity Steel M 36    
Speed Modules Speed 6 40 rpm 900 rpm
Tool Lubrication Optional Use pure cutting oil without solvents Viscosity 20-40 cst
Depth Control Optional Factory Fit