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bx-multitool punching Machine

bx multitool

 The Euromac BX Multitool CNC punching machine can be categorised as a single station punching machine, but due to its unique design it can be equipped with Euromac multitools for 6 and 10 station, call it a mini turret. It can also be equipped with standard thick turret tools from A to D station – max. 88.9Ø.

The machine has all the advantages of an accurate and modern CNC punch press in a convenient and economical "plug and play" machine. The easy to use Top Punch software allows production in seconds after programming.

The versatility of the machine allows conventional punching and nibbling of jobs but also allows a variety of applications that cannot be processed on a more conventional CNC punching machine. Punching of pre-bent parts and heavy stock bars up to 10 mm including copper busbar.

BX multitool 1000/30-1250
Max. punching force (kN) 300
Y axis with Multitool/ Monopunch (mm)  
Y = 1000 1050 / 1000
Y = 1250 -
Position accuracy (mm) +/- 0.1
Opening of clamps (mm) - standard 7
Max. hit rate (1/min):  
Punching with 20 mm pitch 250
Nibbling with 1 mm pitch 550
Thickness range (mm) 0.6 - 7
Max. thickness (mm) with standardclamps 7
Max. thickness (mm) with op. clamps 13 mm (for copper / aluminium) 12.5
Max. weight at reduced axis speed (kg) 150
USB port 6
Installed power (kW) 6
Approx. weight (kg)  
X = 1250 4000
X = 2000 5000
Overall dimensions (mm)  
X = 1250 2240 x 3250
X = 2000 3980 x 3250

* for sheets of over 50 kg weight combined brush and balls tables are required