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Digibend Tooling

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Bending Tool with Pin Ø 30 mm  
H 200 mm
Antiflection Bar
Max 200 x 5 mm





DigiT bending tool with pin



4 Jaw Bending Tool        
Round Bars
Square bars
Rectangle Bars
Thick Pipes up to 180°
Max 100 x 20 mm or Ø 50 mm







DigiT 4 jaw bending tool for round square rect




Bending Tool 30°                 
U Shaped Die for Flat Bar
Max 16 x 200 mm





DigiT bending tool 30 degrees



Bending Tool  with pin Ø 50 mm
H 200 mm
Revolving pin single V die and antiflection bar
Max 200 x 8 mm





DigiT bending tool with 50 pin



Punch and Die                            
H 400 mm for bending plate sheets
Max 400 x 6 mm




DigiT punch and die




Single V Die                         
Revolving Pin (mark free bending) for thick plates
Max 200 x 40 mm




DigiT tool single v die




Movable Bending Punch                         
Fixed die for tight bends



DigiT bending punch




Pin Bending Punch Ø 80 mm            
Antiflection Bar
For bending a closed loop into thick wall bars
Max 200 x 15 mm





DigiT pin bending punch




Shearing Unit                  
For flat bars
max 150 x 12 mm




DigiT sheering units for flat bars




Punching Unit                            
For holes up to Ø 30 mm
max thickness 12 mm




DigiT punching unit for holes




2 Jaw Bending Tool   (Pipes & Bars)             
For thick wall pipes

3/8" gas (17.2 mm) to 2" gas (60.3 mm)

Round bars up to 90°






DigiT 2 jaw bending tool




Straightening Tool                        
For Pipes, Steel Beams, Flat Bars etc.
For precision and heavy straightening jobs




DigiT straightening tool for pipes




2 Jaw Bending Tool (Flat Bars)                        
With Flanges for Flat & Shaped Bars up to 90°
Max 60 x 20 mm




DigiT 2 jaw bending tool with flanges




Rotary Bending Tool                     
For Pipes, Round & Box Tube up to 180°
Max Ø 50 mm




DigiT rotary bending tool for pipes